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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Privacy policy clears all the things and confusion about the privacy and security of information you share with us. Many a times, I ask my readers for providing their personal information like e-mail while Comment and Subscription, but you need not to worry about the privacy of the information because all such things are covered under my privacy policy.

Information that are generally collected include :

Comment and Subscription Policy (Personal Information)
To keep visitors in touch with me and to keep them updated of the new blog post, they need to subscribe to my blog and there they need to provide their personal information like e-mail to us. It is not mandatory to subscribe with us, but subscription with Abhirup'sBlog will keep my readers updated on latest updates. Likely, you also need to provide some of their personal information while commenting and so can ask and share your problems through comments.

A cookie is a data stored in your computer send from the website you use or browse. Cookies are there for increasing the user experience. In order to provide the best experience to readers, we also may use cookies. Cookies are enabled by the browsers and you can also disable cookies from settings of the browser, but by doing so, you may or may not operate some functions on my blog.

How my blog use information I collect
For keeping you in touch with the latest updates by sending them regular mails.
For improving my website and to make several changes after thinking over the changes demanded by my readers.
To improve the user experience of my blog.

Information security
I use HTTPS (secure server) for protection of users information. When you provide me your information, protection and security becomes our prime duty. I take several measures to keep your data safe and so feel free because the information you provide is always safe and protected by my technical team.

Information share
We don’t share a single information provided by the visitors to anyone and so your information is within our four walls of a room. So, please be free to share your information on our site and to use our website.

Third-Party sites
You will find the other websites as advertisement by me in my website(blog). So, the moment you enter the website seen on this blog, you will have to deal according to their terms and conditions along with their privacy policies.

Visitor may find advertisements on this blog as I may display advertisements on my website and that may reach up to you via advertising partners and it is possible that they may use cookies also to recognize your device and to target the advertisements as per your need and usage. So, the cookies used by the advertising partners on my website doesn’t fall under my privacy policy.

Changes to this privacy policy
I have full rights to update or change my privacy policy as per need and I need not need to tell anyone about the update to privacy policy, but the latest date of a privacy policy update will be displayed at my privacy policy header menu. So, users need to check privacy policy frequently to remain updated with it.

Your acceptance to this privacy policy
My privacy policy will be live from the moment you visit my blog. When you use my website, it means that you agree our privacy policy terms.

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