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My dear Students , Blog enthusiasts , Followers , Readers - A very good day to you all & hope all are doing well.

This is ME , Abhirup - I am a Film - Adv - TV Channel Editor by profession .
I am a regular mentor at Film school/Digital Media Academy .
I am a Blogger -Vlogger by choice & extremely foodie by nature ...
Hope you will like me the way I am.

This is my BLOG (website) - ' Abhirup'sBlog ' where I will discuss about -
* My Live Projects Showreels & Activities with practical DEMO's which I upload at my Vlog - Web Channel HD.
* I will also write on common tech lessions/reviews - tips on film editing techniques - common software skills - camera techniques  - news editing rules & many more .

Subscribe to my Official Vlog Channel 

- ' Abhirup'sVlog ' -

Check out my other social links as well -

* Find me on - Facebook - www.facebook.com/connect2abhirup 
* My Twitter handle  @tweetabhirup  or  https://twitter.com/tweetabhirup


email contact : mailtoabhirup.lahiri@gmail.com

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