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WhatsApp Hits New Record, Fulfilling Zuckerberg's Promise

Whatsapp reaches 1 million user all over world

It was few days before when I got a Newsfeed on my Facebook profile, it's from the official page of Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, who realized a report from Facebook saying " In India, more photos are sent using WhatsApp than any country in the world". Yes, can you believe the engagement we have on Whatsapp, the world's more popular  messaging app, especially we love to communicate via visuals no doubt after this survey report. He also continued saying WhatsApp, the app now owned by Facebook company(Facebook Inc.) had crossed the 1 billion user milestone around the globe, in the last five months, 100 million more users have added to the list which summed up to cross that milestone.

WhatsApp has taken a strong leap forward in its user base and people are accepting this service especially more in the developing countries, India to name one, where it is reflected on WhatsApp's stats that nearly one-seventh of people on globe love to get in touch with close ones, family, friends or office colleagues over this service called WhatsApp. Nowadays, even corporate events and news-feed updates are notified over inter WhatsApp numbers, this has recently became a trends to offices as well. That's the modern scenario.

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