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The Power of Hashtag

Blog on The Power of Hashtag
The Power of Hashtag

I believe, the Internet is the most dynamic democratic medium ever discovered to date. Taking full advantage of this fast pacing medium of communication, INDIA is racing on like never before, especially in Technology sector and its Innovation. Our Prime Minister - Sri. Narendra Modi too encourages this revolutionary India, and so as the Digital India Initiative (Digital India is an initiative by the Government of India)  is full on . Off-course who doesn't came across " #digitalindia " hashtag on Twitter or Facebook every other day - it is now one of most buzz word after #startup - Yes, it will be unfair if I miss out to say #startup or #startupindia (one of the most trendy word of 2015 & on ), and why not ? - How many of us do know this fact that India is the third largest startup capital country in the world; yes it's true .
vision of Digital India programme is to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy

Having said the above all , it may not be possible at such a fast pace, if there wasn't an active participation of Social networks like Facebook - Twitter - GooglePlus - Pinterest or be it Linkedin, etc. But above all, social media experts says it is the smart use of Social Media Tool that made all the difference , HASHTAG<#> is one of such useful tool you should focus - worth considering . 


Let's find-out "THE POWER OF HASHTAG"  

Why do we use Hashtag and Purpose of using Hashtag

As we begin with this topic we need to know, Why do we use Hashtag and what is the purpose ?

A Hashtag symbol ( # ) is often used before a relevant keyword or phrase (with no space in-between) in a post to categorize them under a segment and it also help to show more easily in a search query on social networks and micro-blogging sites like Twitter - Facebook - Instagram to name some popular ones , you will find that clicking on a particular Hashtag word ( #Facebook - #Google- #CocaColaIPTL2015 ) in any post or message , show you all the other related post or tweet (in case of Twitter) marked with that keyword. I can also say that Hashtag is used to collect public feedback on any particular event or happening, ideas or incident at local, national, or global space . For example when I tweeted sharing my feeling on the day Paris was attached by terrorist putting a Hashtag #prayforparis ,I found people commenting or sharing grief on Paris terror attack under that specific category.

Trendy Hashtag on twitter - Abhirupsblog

A point to Note :: As because of a widespread use, Hashtag(#) was added to Oxford Dictionary in the month of June, 2014.

## Let's Find Out - How Hashtag Works On Twitter ?

We often use Hashtag (symbol - #) on Twitter to mark keywords or a particular topic in that tweet. It is self created by Twitter user (as you and me) in order to categorize a messages / topics. 

## Let's Find If Hashtag Also Applies on Facebook ?

Have you ever click on a Hashtag(highlighted keywords) , if yes then you must have seen a feed of posts that include that particular Hashtag (keywords), you will also find some similar related hashtag at the top of the page. 
I once again remind you by saying, if you use a phrase as hashtag it must be written as a single term (with no space in-between)

## Know How Many Hashtag Allow On Instagram ?

In Instagram, you cannot other people's photos or videos - but you have the liberty to tag in your circle up to a limit of 30 (maximum 30 tags for every post) else if you exceed the limit or go beyond 30 tags per post(photo/video) your comment won't be posted.

It is necessary for you to know, that the quantity of Hashtag you use in a message or Tweet is as important as the types of Hashtag used.

Let's talk about what I have found out from the experts of Social Media Scientist and Analyzers ::  

# They say that it is presently considered acceptable, if you Tag (Hashtag - #) a post only once when contributing to a specific conversation.

# Two Hashtags are considered acceptable when you will add a location to a conversation

# While an absolute maximum of three Hashtag can be seen post but it should be used very carefully as it may bother a specific community.

We need to keep in mind, misuse of Hashtag may lead to annoyance to viewers or your followers, which may go up-to the extension of the suspension of your profile in some special cases. 
If is better to know, that social network like Twitter has a rule, that warns its user a fair usage policy, that says adding Hashtag to unrelated Tweet or repeated use of some specific same keywords without adding value to the conversation (of your post),could cause a profile to be filtered from search or even to an extreme case (violation of usage policy) may be suspended without notice.

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